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Graham Leek had been going out with Katey White for over a year now and he worshiped the very ground she walked on. Katey who was a very pretty flirtatious rather proud young lady seldom kept a boy friend for long:
she was twenty nine and lived with her maiden aunt Miss Tomlinson in a fine house with large bay windows and a well kept lawn. Graham was fifteen years older than Kate but he was putty in her hands and that was why the relationship went so smoothly.

“Now Graham its time you and I had a serious talk about our future you know.”

“Yes my darling but you know how I feel about you I’m willing to name the day whenever you wish.”

“Yes but there is the problem of Aunt Agatha and we need to discuss it sensibly.”

“She can live with us my sweet just as she does now very little change will be required.”

” Yes I realize that, but I wish to speak of a much more delicate matter our sex lives.”

“Surely she has nothing to do with that.”

“Now Graham I don’t want you to be offended but the fact is that Aunty knows about our relationship.”

“How do you mean? surely not the details my sweet.”

“Oh Graham yes! she knows what a naughty boy you are, how you like to adore my pussy, and she was most interested. I was quite embarrassed but she insisted on knowing what you like to do.”

“Good heavens Katey I can hardly believe it she is so prim and proper.”

“Well she was young once you know and she had a naughty man just like you, and she loved the way he treated her.” Graham suddenly realized where this conversation was going and it turned him on immediately.

“Oh my darling girl I’d be quite willing to pleasure your Dear Aunty anytime provided you did not mind that is.”

“I had hoped you would offer but it must be done according to Aunties instructions. She really is quite shy and does not want to see you do it or talk about it with you.”

“Heavens she need not be shy,” Graham laughed. ” I won’t bite you know.”

Graham sat underneath the dining room table and over the table Katey placed a large white sheet which reached to the floor right around the table.

“All ready Aunt, “said Katey and Miss Tomlinson came into the room and sat at the table with the sheet over her knees.
“When I am finished Mr. Leek stay where you are until you hear the door of the room close, you may proceed.”

Aunt Agatha’s legs were very plump and she had thick fat thighs with large hips. She had on a long skirt but no panties or stockings and her very hairy pussy looked delicious to him.

Graham began slowly with butterfly kisses as he massaged her, sniffing to catch a whiff of her stimulated juices. Graham worked for a good ten minutes kissing and licking her thighs never once touching her wonderful puss and then she moved slightly forwards and he caught a whiff of fanny juice.

“mmmmmmm ” he let out a deep sigh and gently nestled into her curls lapping at her labia. Agatha gave a slight squeal and began to actively move, she put her hands on the back of Grahams head. She was obviously beginning to enjoy the session and juices welled up around her pussy lips.

The taste was a bit different from her niece, it was more fishy and had a heavy oily taste. Her labia were fatter and her clitoris seemed to hide under its hood. When his tongue touched her clitoris he felt her shudder slightly. He slipped a finger into her warm vagina as he sucked on her shy knobby clit.

Graham was excited now as he knew the old lady would come in his mouth. He just could not wait to feel her loose control and smother him.

His tongue moved faster as he forced one, two, and then three fingers in and out of her slippery wet cunt. Her hands snuggly gripped the back of his head and thrust her pelvis at him.

“Oh My Heavens!” she let out a scream. Then it burst into his mouth an oily flood which he drank down. Before Graham had a chance to gobble down the surplus love juice Aunty rose and left the room.



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Laura and Sally were quite a couple they were respectively, mother and daughter and lovers at the same time. Their odd relationship begun about 5 years and 6 months ago, but now Sally had fallen in love with a cohort of just about her same age. She broke the news to her mother who became instantly quite possessive. “You cannot do this, you are my flesh and blood and you are the love of my life,” Laura screamed.

“Yes I can, first of all I am 18 years old already,  and second of all, I have finally found someone that truly loves me for who I am.  And not just because I am her sex toy, which is what I am to you,”  Sally screamed right back.

Laura was enraged at that statement.  “You little bitch, I gave birth to you, I raised you.  I have given everything you need….”

Sally cut her off,  “Yeah right, in exchange for providing you pleasure with my body.”

“Is it too much to ask for a mother to get a bit of a reward from her beloved and lovely daughter?” Laura asked back with anger palpable in her voice.

Sally looked at her mother with disbelief  “What? You see that is the problem! You have no clue as to what love is, to you and love is nothing more than a 50/50 contract.  It is simply a you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours kind of deal.”

Laura snarled,  “Do not take that tone of voice with me you little skank, regardless of how you feel about me, the fact is I own your little ass. You are mine and you will always be and that’s final.”  Sally did not notice that her mother had grabbed a resealable plastic bag from the kitchen’s countertop and had concealed it behind her back.

“You unbelievable old hag! Not only I am leaving but I’m also reporting you to the cops. You are finished mom, good bye.”  Sally said as she turned toward the door holding back tears and anger. As she did her mother went behind her back and wrapped the plastic bag around her daughter’s head. Sally’s emotions quickly changed from anger and revulsion toward her mother, to absolute shear terror as her mother was literally suffocating her.

“You are not leaving me, ever! You hear? Never!” Laura said as she kept suffocating her daughter with the bag. Sally desperately tried to free herself from the plastic wrap but her mother held on tight. Sally gasped for air, but off course, couldn’t get any. She helplessly kicked and thrashed her legs about until oblivion overtook her. With that her body became limp and Laura sensing it released her grip.

Laura removed the bag from her daughter’s head and looked at her daughter’s face. Sally’s eyes were wide opened and glazed over. “I told you! You can never leave me, one way or another your ass is and will always be mine.”  She said as she closed Sally’s eyes and gave her a kiss on the mouth. With that Laura picked up her daughter’s lifeless body and carried it to her bedroom once there she dropped Sally’s corpse on the bed.

Laura unclothed her daughter’s body until it was totally naked and took a bit of time to admire her dead daughter’s well built and physically fit body. A real looker ebony haired beauty weighting 116 pounds about 5’2 inches tall (just 2 inches shorter than her mom) and measuring a stunning 34-24-34 and all of it laid in front of her in all it’s glory.

“There you go, now isn’t this better?  I have to be honest killing you and keeping your beautiful lifeless corpse had always been an option I considered,  but I also thought that you would remain willingly with me. As it turns out that wasn’t the case. Oh well, no biggie,” she said as she began caressing Sally’s lifeless body. Laura hungrily sucked Sally’s lifeless tits one after the other in rapid succession.

Laura spread Sally’s legs apart and quickly began to work on her daughter’s lifeless pussy. She pried Sally’s vaginal lips open and sucked hungrily on the lifeless clit while grabbing her daughters cold tits at the same time. Up and down to her daughter’s beautiful limp and lifeless body she went, sucking Sally’s tits and clit harder than she ever had before. Had Her daughter been alive she would have no doubt complained as it surely would hurt but Sally lay on the bed totally devoid of life and completely defenseless from her mother’s assault.

After getting her fill Laura began to unclothe herself, as is the case with most sociopaths and psychopaths she did not lack in the looks department. She had a stunning body of her own. Blonde haired weighting 124 pounds and with a height of 5’4 along with measurements of 36-34-36. Laura was indeed an absolute looker even her age of 46. She placed herself atop her lifeless daughter and began grinding her boobs against Sally’s.

She continued to grind her boobs against Sally’s lifeless ones, crushing them under her weight. Laura rubbed her nipples against those of her lifeless daughters; she began to gasp as the sensation of a huge approaching orgasm was imminent. Laura trembled as the orgasm hit, her body convulsed spasmodically and as it did it in turn caused Sally’s lifeless body to tremble in return, which turned on Laura even more.  Finally the orgasm subsided and Laura incorporated herself on the bed right next to her daughter who laid dead and lifeless.

After catching her breath Laura grabbed Sally’s lifeless left hand and inserted it into her own pussy, using her lifeless daughter’s hand as a dildo she worked herself into another wild orgasm. Laura repeated the process for the remaining hand and for each of her daughter’s lovely and limp feet.

“Oh Sally your dead hands and feet feel so good.  I just love how they feel inside my pussy, I am really happy that you are dead my precious.  It really makes things so much easier now, for one you don’t need food or clothes anymore right, honey?” Laura sarcastically asked her lifeless daughter.  She moved Sally’s head in an affirmative motion.

“Don’t worry about it mommy has got it covered.  Remember I am a mortician after all, and preserving bodies, specially one as beautiful and special as yours is my expertise.” She said and with that she french kissed her lifeless daughter on the mouth.  Then she left the room to prepare a home brew formula to preserve Sally’s body..
The End…

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The riding lawn mower Andy Lord was riding, vibrated along the church lawn.  Lawn mowing was one of the many chores of the Preachers son, but Andy was also a growing boy, inside and out.  He often would have dreams of sex, and he wondered if it was normal for a boy of his young age of eighteen to have such impure thoughts.

On this particular day his thoughts were even more intense.  He drove the mower around to the back of the house and there was his mother, Bess.  She was on her knees wearing an old pair of tight jeans.  Andy loved the way her cute little bottom filled out her pants, and spilled out over the top of them.  His mother was quite a looker for the ripe age of forty.

Andy slipped his hand down to the bulge in his pants and discreetly gave himself a nice little rub while the  mower vibrated.   He could feel his cock begin to swell as he rode back behind the shed.  He  pulled his cock out and closed his eyes, images of his mother fed his twisted fantasy.

He took his thumb and pushed it down over the head of his cock, and a little pre cum oozed up around it.  He rubbed it all over the tip and gave himself a few long slow strokes.  He could feel a burning sensation growing from deep inside of him that grew hotter and hotter.

Andy began expertly moving his hand harder and faster.  After only a minute or two he let out a groan and quietly called out his mother’s name, “Bess,” he whispered.  Cum burst from the tip of his cock with all the ferocity of a volcano and drizzled down over his shaft.  Then the call of Andy’s mother’s sweet voice sent him into a frenzy quickly returning his precious tool back into it’s tight and sticky hiding place.  He started the mower, and with his cock  still semi  hard, and throbbing drove back towards the house.

Bess stood there with her belly button peaking out the bottom of her short T shirt,  and her short red hair in a messy heap.  “I’m going to take a shower and then to the store,”  she said.  “Can I get you anything?”

Andy’s mind was blank he gulped hard and just answered. “No.”

Once he knew his mother had gone he went to her room and began rifling through her dirty clothes in search of a pair of worn panties.  Andy put them to his nose, and breathed deeply savoring her aroma.  Then he took them into his bedroom and closed the door.

Andy Dropped his shorts and laid down on the bed.  After another good sniff he wrapped the silky panties around  his cock,  and thought of his mothers soft lips.  “Yes mom, suck me, just like that,” he panted.  Andy arched his back and lifted his ass up off the bed.  He gripped himself tightly with the silky material, and slid his hand up and down hisshaft.

“Yes mom, yes,” he blurted just as another hot load of cum spurted all over his stomach.  He wiped himself clean with his mom’s undies and quickly ran them back  to her dirty clothes basket.

Andy heard the old car coming up the drive way and went out to help his mother carry in the groceries. He brushed up against her on purpose several time just so he could smell her perfume.  “Watch it  Mister,” she laughed.  Andy helped in the kitchen keeping a close eye on his mother’s perfect bottom as they put the groceries in their rightful home.  By all accounts Bess considered him to a good son, always helpful and considerate at least where she was concerned.

Andy didn’t have his drivers licenses yet, even though he was already eighteen years old.  “Can we practice driving again today?” he asked smoothly.

“OK, but I hope you do better than you did last time.” she said with a wink.

Bess drove to an empty church parking lot and let Andy take the wheel.  He had a hard time concentrating with his mother so close, her sweet scent filled the air and teased him.  He looked over at her and smiled, he put one hand on her knee when he noticed her dress was raised up just a bit.  It was hard for him to keep his mind on driving, and before he knew it he was heading straight for the church building, and had to slam on the brakes sending both of them flying forward.  Bess was shaken and snapped at him. “What  were you thinking?”

Andy couldn’t tell her what he was really thinking so he said nothing..

Later that evening Ralph, Andy’s father came home from work after a long day at the hospital.  He kissed Bess and asked Andy how the driving lesson went, he had seen Andy parking the car.  “Good,” Andy lied, and they all sat down for a family meal.

After dinner Andy went to his room and shut the door.  He was surfing some porn sites when Bess came in and he quickly closed his browser.  She touched his shoulder, bent down and kissed his cheek.  “We’ll go again tomorrow,” she said softly.  Andy rose to hug his Mom, and squeezed her tight smashing her breasts up against his chest.

Bess left his room but she could feel Andy’s boner up against her when he gave her the hug, and she couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Later that evening Bess got into bed and took off her panties.   Ralph slipped in next to her,  and she snuggled up against him.  She kissed his and whispered softly.  “I don’t have any panties on.”

Bess slipped her hand down between them, and gave his cock a tight squeeze.  She pulled down his briefs and got on top of him, placing her knees on each side of his hips.  She sat up straight like a queen on a thrown, and slipped her robe down over her shoulders.  Bess took Ralph’s hands in hers and placed them on her breast.

She worked her bottom back and forth rubbing her pussy over his cock until it was swollen and hard.  It didn’t take long for his beautiful wife to excite him, her pubic hair lightly teased his dick with each arch of her hips.  Bess rose up on her knees and holding his cock firmly in her sweaty palm, she guided him inside as she lowered herself onto him.

“OOOHHHH, God,” she gasped as filled her tightly.  They hadn’t had sex in weeks and the sensation was overwhelming.  She rode his cock, thrusting her hips forcing him in and out of her.

“That’s my little whore,” Ralph degraded her.  “HARDER, FASTER, work for it you bitch,” he continued, and she certainly did.  She bounced up and down the smell of sex filled the room.

Suddenly a squeak of the floor boards alerted her that they were not alone.  “Yes Dear?’ she panted but got no response.  She knew Andy was listening but was too caught up in the task to care.  Bess knew Ralph was about to cum so she quickly slipped off him and took his sticky cock in her mouth.   She loved the taste of his sweet cum.

Andy watched quietly almost in shock as his mother slipped her lips down over his father’s cock and sucked.  The next thing Andy heard was a deep groan from his Dad as he shot his load in his mother’s mouth.  She didn’t spit or gag she swallowed in down like an expert whore.

Almost instantly Andy came too shooting a load in the corner of the room.  He cleaned up his jizz using his sock covered feet and went to his room.  All night he had dreams of his Mom.

The next day everyone acted like nothing happened, even though Andy’s parents knew he had watched their love making.  Bess took Andy to take his drivers test and when he passed he kissed her lips, the same ones he watched gobble his dad’s cock.

Later that day Bess tapped on the door of her son’s bedroom.  She went in and sat on his bed.  She was ashamed to even ask the question, but she just came out with it.  “Do you wear underwear?” she asked.

“Yes mother,” he said, and he stood and unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them.  His mother was wide-eyed as she looked over his incredibly big hard boner.  It had been years since she saw him naked.  ‘He’s even bigger than Ralph,’ she thought to herself.   “OK,” she said softly, and then Andy did something that would change their relationship forever.

Andy moved towards his mother holding his cock in his hand.  Bess was frozen, as he closed in on her.  “Take it,” he insisted.   Bess’s shaking hands held his cock and without another thought she dropped to her knees and put it in it.  Her tongue laid on the underside encircling him.  Andy moved his hips driving himself in ant out of his mother’s mouth.  “Play with your pussy,” he told her.  Bess raised her dress for him to see and slipped a hand between her thighs.

Bess slid her tongue down his shaft and licked his balls as his cock rubbed up against her face.  “Fuck me, Dad is downstairs he wont hear a thing,” he assured her.

Bess slipped her panties down over her long legs and off.  She laid on his bed on her back.  Andy could barely mount her quick enough he was so horny.  “Oh God, your so big,” she panted.  Andy dove deep inside of her and began fucking hard with an urgency maturity steals from most of us.  Andy quickly came inside of her in only a matter of seconds, but he was still hard, which both amazed and impressed her sexy mother.

Andy flipped her over and began fucking her again from behind.  “Oh that’s it, fuck me Andy,” Bess screamed, so over taken she no longer cared if her husband heard them.  Bess let out a long scream as she came hard, so hard she nearly passed out.



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Everyone has their naughty secrets I know I have mine.  So lets talk about twins…

Who hasn’t fantasized about sex with twins? Or even better twin beautiful and blonde